Coaching for 2nd Line Managers

Many change programmes fail because they do not arrive at the offices or the shop floor. We know that the bottleneck is very often caused by 2nd line managers. They represent the interface both to the management team and to co-workers. If they are not aligned with the management team, the change impulse will vanish. If they are not competent enough to lead their people instead of merely instructing them, overt or covert resistance will bring the whole process to an end.

Our answer to these challenges is coaching for 2nd liners in order to support them in their complex task and help them to become convincing leaders, encouraging and enabling them to take responsibility for the change process and eventually become the driving force. 

This change management coaching aims to increase self-responsability and self-initiative in 2nd liners, raising their self-confidence and the leadership qualities they need to make the whole change programme a sustainable success.

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