Feedback from our customers

"What I appreciate most about Ulrich Geuther is his wide range of competencies in combination with his structured methods and flexibility to adapt to new and challenging situations. This allows him to feel at ease and to act successfully on all hierarchical levels - from the executive to the office worker level.

What's the secret of Ulrich's successful work with people? I think it's his empathatic way to ask questions and to listen carefully. He has a gift to identify his clients' needs and to address them individually. Thus he creates the conditions for his excellent results." 

Dr Marianne Kutzner, Head of Gen Re Business School, Germany

"Desde há muitos anos que mantemos uma boa cooperação com o Senhor Ulrich Geuther. Contámos com os seus serviços ao longo destes anos nos mais diversificados âmbitos como estudos relacionados com a inovação, seminários, processos de desenvolvimento para colaboradores, change management ou mesmo como personal coach. Podemos afirmar que sempre nos sentimos bem aconselhados conseguindo alcançar os nossos objetivos traçados."

Hans-Joachim Böhmer, Diretor Executivo da Câmera de Comércio e Indústria Luso-Alemã

"Knowing both cultures, the portuguese and the german, Ulrich Geuther is the perfect match for a german company in Portugal.
Our managers and employees like in particular his active and powerful style in training and coaching. His technical and methodological know-how, his expertise and competencies in leadership topics and in team alignment have been highly appreciated by our entire team."

Dr Markus Klie, General Manager of Continental Teves Palmela, Portugal

"The Roche Leadership Team first worked with Ulrich Geuther in a consulting and project management capacity in 2012 following the results of the 2011 Global Employee Opinion Survey (GEOS). The Portuguese results indicated a number of areas for improvement. I was also new as the General Manager in March 2012 and needed to build a strong and aligned leadership team. 

Ulrich was involved from the outset, first in facilitating our team meetings where we discussed the issues and created plans, but then in project managing the actual Action Plan. This was very extensive and covered a dozen different themes. Ulrich's systematic style was crucial in keeping the project on track over the next 18 months. The result was a dramatic improvement in scores in the 2013 GEOS survey and a score for the Senior Leadership that was above Global Best Employer! Ulrich deserves huge credit and recognition for his very significant contribution!"

Robin Turner, General Manager of Roche Farmacêutica Química, Portugal

"Parabéns pelos 15 anos de vida da GEUTHER-COACHING em Portugal! Para nós, nos nossos primeiros anos em Portugal, foi uma mais-valia absoluta trabalhar consigo. Conseguimos preparar a nossa equipa para enfrentar os desafios do futuro. Vamos continuar neste caminho!"

Nicolas Mehrle, Comissão de Gestão da Fisipe S.A. - SGL Group, Portugal

"We have contracted Ulrich Geuther for facilitating a change process in our multi-national enterprise. A new management team was put in place and together with Ulrich we managed to bring different personalities closer together. This lead to a higher understanding for inter-dependencies across all departments and ultimately lead to improved business performance of the company. Ulrich's methodology and tailored work with the group as well as with the individual members was outstanding."

Alexander Scheld, former General Manager of Kühne & Nagel, Portugal

"Ulrich Geuther hat am Goethe Institut Lissabon 2007 mit Einfühlungsvermögen, Weitsicht und methodischer Kompetenz den mehrmonatigen Leitbildprozess konzipiert, moderiert und begleitet. Er hat mit seiner verbindlichen und konstruktiven Art entscheidend dazu beigetragen, das Institut zu einem neuen Selbstverständnis und neuen strategischen Zielen zu führen."

Ronald Grätz, Generalsekretär des ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen), 2007 Leiter des Goethe Instituts Portugal

"Bereits seit 1996 arbeiten wir mit Herrn Geuther zusammen. Gemeinsam mit Herrn Geuther konnten wir in etlichen Unternehmensbereichen Strukturen schaffen, mit denen wir unser Unternehmen zu einem äußerst erfolgreichen Marktteilnehmer entwickeln konnten. Insbesondere die Führungskräfte und der Vertrieb haben von seinen Seminaren und Schulungen profitiert."

Thomas Hempel, Geschäftsführer von VLG Großverbraucherdienst Südwest GmbH, Deutschland

"Seit den Seminaren mit Ulrich Geuther ist das Projektmanagement eine feste und wichtige Größe in der Arbeit unseres Unternehmens geworden. Seine professionelle und praxisorientierte Begleitung waren die entscheidende Grundlage für die erfolgreiche Implementierung."

Richard Nürnberger, Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung der Fortbildungsakademie der Wirtschaft (FAW) gGmbH, Deutschland