GEUTHER-COACHING offers a wide range of services that help people and organisations to innovate. We support leaders and their teams focusing on quality, productivity and substantial change. Our services primarily address companies and organisations in Portugal.

GEUTHER-COACHING has been located in Portugal since 2000 and is familiar with the special situations that foreign companies find themselves in here in Portugal.

We believe that all methods of innovation, improvement and change have to be tailored to their cultural environment.


GEUTHER-COACHING’s consultancy specialises in Innovation and Change Management.

Our psychological expertise and experience will enable you to mobilise managers and co-workers and make them the driving force for change, innovation and continuous improvement.
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Business Coaching

Coaching is a smart investment in your future success. GEUTHER-COACHING provides coaching for leaders and for groups of leaders. With a few coaching sessions it is possible to realise your ideas and strategies. Our coaching is a process of clarification, helping to identify what is important to you and your company.

Coaching has turned out to be a very powerful instrument for supporting and flanking other measures within innovation and change programmes.

Coaching of Management Teams is an effective and very efficient instrument to create and assure aligment - from the top to the bottom of the organization.

Providing support for middle-management has become one of our specialities. With the aim of strengthening their decisive role in change processes, our coaching programmes for 2nd line managers have enormously increased the number of successfully completed change processes.

Through our Transfer Coaching we tremendously increase the probability that groups and individuals of learners will benefit from training programmes, especially in the area of softskill trainingPlease learn more about our various coaching services ...

Facilitated Meetings

At how many conferences and meetings have you not been completely satisfied with the results achieved? Why not engage an external professional facilitator in order to boost the process at crucial conferences and meetings? There is certainly no other way as effective or efficient as this.
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When new competences are required, training is needed. The good old seminar is still a powerful tool to learn and practice new skills. Especially when it is flanked by coaching.
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